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Butcher and the Rye

Butcher and the Rye is located on 6th Street in downtown Pittsburgh in the cultural district.


The Food

Butcher and the Rye is a trendy restaurant serving new and creative American fare.  Many of the menu options feature locally grown vegetables.  There is an extensive and inventive drink menu.  In addition to wines, beers, and ciders, there are some creative cocktails,  The Salinger’s Sling with Bulleit bourbon, grand marniers, and coffee bitters is my go to cocktail.  There is a broad list of small plates from which to start.  The Brussels, grilled with dill, and covered in parmigiano reggiano, is my favorite starter.  The Dry Aged Tartare, Cheese Board, and Mac and Cheese are other good options for appetizers.  The large plate menu offers a variety of choices.  My two favorite are the Scallops with crab risotto, asparagus, and capers, and the Roasted Chicken, with mushrooms, creamed Brussel sprouts, and grapes.  Other menu items include duck, lamb, steak, salads, pates.  The chef has concocted a menu that provides a delicious mixture of savory and sweet and no matter the course or item, all of it has been consistently very good.  There are three desert options and all three are worth leaving room for.  The carrot cake and flourless chocolate cake, are both delicious.  However, my recommendation is the Peaches and Cream Doughnuts with cinnamon, oatmeal, and peach ice cream.  It is heavenly!


The Service

Butcher and the Rye is a very popular restaurant here in Pittsburgh.  Make reservations beforehand.  During my visits, the service has been consistently quite good.  The staff is friendly.  My last visit to Butcher was with a group of friends from out of town who were experiencing Butcher and the Rye for the first time.  The server provided informed descriptions and honest feedback on any of the questions the patrons had.  At one experience though, there was an evening where there were three greeters.  They were consumed with their own conversation and they were not saying goodbye as guests left the restaurant.  I was not upset by it, but I found it rather odd.

The Ambiance

Butcher and the Rye has a beautiful rustic, nostalgic, American decor.  The lighting was warm, but a little dark, and sometimes makes it difficult to read the menu.  Acoustically, the front of the restaurant is a little loud and can make it a strain to hear people seated at the table.  It is better elsewhere in the restaurant.  The atmosphere can best be described as lively and is an enjoyable environment to visit.



Butcher and the Rye is a terrific Pittsburgh venue, relatively new to the restaurant scene.  I give it an overall rating and recommendation of:

“Go For It!”


212 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 391-2752
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Other Cities

[Washington, DC]-Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate is a classic French restaurant located in the Logan Circle section of Washington DC.

The Food

Bring your appetite.  This is going to be superb!  Both lunch and dinner menus offer seafood “Fruit De Mer.”  If you go to Le Diplomate for lunch, start with either the spring pea soup, with blue crab, petits pois, and creme fraiche, or the Pate De Campagne with pickled onions and cassis mustard.  Both are delicious.  I enjoy the Baguette Provencale as a lunch entree with French salami, camembert, cornichon, and mustard vinaigrette.  My strong recommendation is to go to Le Diplomate for dinner.  An extensive hors d’oeuvres and salad menu is available.  My favorites are the tuna carpaccio, steak tartare, or again the Pate De Campagne.  From the entree menu, my favorite is the Beef Bourguignon, with mushrooms, lardons, and red wine sauce.  It is absolutely delicious and melts in your mouth.  Other entrees that are also very good are the Veal Escalope with mushrooms, onion, and a mushroom cream, the Stea Au Poivre, and the Salmon Al Francaise.  Save room, because there is an extensive dessert menu.  The Apple Tarte Tatin served with vanilla ice cream and the Palet Chocolat-Framboise with rasberry and sorbet are both excellent options.

The Service

Make a reservation as the wait can be long at Le Diplomate at times.  The service, as expected in our nations capitol, is exceptional.  On the four occasions I have eaten at Le Diplomate, I have been in parties ranging from four to ten, as well as during peak and slower times.  At every visit, the service from greeters, bartenders, and servers was consistently both efficient and friendly.  When I visited with the large party, the server did not complain about dividing up checks, which important to this patron’s dining experience.

The Ambiance

Nostalgic to the Montmartre District of Paris, Le Diplomate pays reverence to French cafes.  Sitting on the corner of the bustling section of Logan Circle at 14th Street SW and Q street NW, Le Diplomate has natural light provided on two sides with gorgeous windows.  This mixed with installed lighting provides for a bright, brisk, welcoming environment.  The layout of the venue is such that one can experience a cappacino bar, outdoor seating, diner style seating, a more formal dining room.  The acoustics provide an atmosphere where diners can hear each others at their table with ease.  It is a wonderful space.


Every time I visit Washington, I make it a point to visit La Diplomate.  The combination of food, service, and ambiance are all tremendous.  It is without any hesitation that I give La Diplomate my highest recommendation of:

“Absolutely Must Visit!”


1601 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-3333
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