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Eat Unique

Returning back to the Oakland section of the city, Eat Unique is situated on Craig Street between Carnegie Mellon and Pitt.  Eat Unique evolved from a coffee shop to a bistro that offers homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads all with fresh ingredients.

The Food

Eat Unique offers soup, sandwich, and salad daily specials in addition to an expansive menu.  I have visited Eat Unique about ten times and used their catering services.  At every occasion, the food has been fresh and quite delicious.  Having tried most of the menu, my top three recommendations  are Big Al’s Cobb salad with grilled chicken, Tex Mex Taco salad with chili, tortilla chips, on a bass of romaine with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, olives, sour cream and guacamole, and their meatloaf melt which is meatloaf on toasted bread with blue cheese, bbq sauce, and bacon.  Very tasty!  The menu’s sandwich menu will meet any craving.  Eat Unique also features a a veggie hummus  and griller menus for vegans and vegetarians alike.  Also on the menu is an expansive beverage and dessert menu.

The Service

Eat Unique is a counter top joint where you make your order at the cash register and they let you know when it is ready for pickup.  Whether busy or slow, the counter staff and cooks always have a bright disposition and work quickly.  Waits are minimal.

The Ambiance

The layout of the restaurant is odd.  The counter area where most people are congregated waiting to pick up their food is really tight.  There are floor to ceiling windows so the space is quite bright and visually appealing.  Acoustically, the venue is quite loud and lively which makes it cumbersome to have conversations or if dining alone, to do any concentrated work.  So, my recommendation is to order and take your food with you.


The food lives up to the restaurants name, unique.  It is quite delicious and well worth trying.  If you are in the Oakland section of the city, pick up lunch or dinner at Eat Unique.  My overall rating and recommendation is:

“Go For It!”


305 S Craig St
Pittsburgh PA 15213
Visit Eat Unique



Restaurants From Other Cities

This week, we are starting to add restaurants from other cities, beginning with New York City!  More to come!



Greetings!  Restaurants, whether they are chains or local, will be reviewed in three areas:  The food, the service, and the ambiance and conclude with an overall rating and recommendation.  Each conclusion will include one of four different ratings:  1-“Absolutely must visit!”, 2-“Go for it!,” 3-“It’s worth a shot, but it could be a miss!,” 4-“Avoid at all costs!”  Since I live in Pittsburgh, most of the reviews will be from here, but starting soon, other cities will be included.  Enjoy and bon appetite!