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[Philadelphia] The Plough and the Stars

The Plough and the Stars, is an Irish bar, located in the old city section of Philadelphia on 2nd Street between Chestnut and Walnut streets.

The Food

At The Plough and the Stars, there are almost 60 different types of Irish and Scotch whiskeys to choose from in addition to an extensive beer and wine list.  The food menu features a variety of appetizers, salads, and entrees.  Depending on how hungry you are or if you are with a group of people, try as an appetizer the battered sausages or the mushroom cheese fricassee, which is baked portobello mushrooms with gouda cheese and prosciutto, since both are items that are not common on many menus.  From the main entree list, try either the Wild Caught Shrimp over rice, the Guiness casserole with prime rib, carrots, onions, and mashed potatoes, or the Plough steak fritte with garlic au jus.  All are delicious, filling, and the right price.

The Service

The service at The Plough and the Stars has been consistently pretty good.  Most of the time, the greeters, wait staff, and bartenders have been warm and efficient.  However, when the place is crowded and busy, the staff tends to become less friendly and the service becomes slower.  It seemed to me that the staff was undermanned, which is unfortunate because everything else about Plough and the Stars was great!

The Ambiance

The Plough and the Stars has one of the neatest venues and layouts.  When a patron walks in, they come into a large open space with the bar straight in front of you.  On a partial balcony above the bar, a dining area looks over the entire space.  Coupled with wonderful artwork and enormous windows, the venue has a very wecloming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that is terrific for a more intimate dining experience.


The ambiance alone is worth the visit whether for a drink or a meal.  I give Plough and the Stars my overall rating and recommendation of:

“Go For It!”


123 Chestnut Street Enter On 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 733-0300
Visit The Plough and the Stars

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