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[Boone, NC] Vidalia

Vidalia is chic restaurant in the college town of Boone, North Carolina.

The Food

Vidalia has a terrific menu that features a wide variety of Southern cuisine.  The menu is also seasonal with a Summer/Fall menu that is different from its Winter/Spring one.  The appetizer menu has a variety of fry options, cheese and cracker plates, and other items with a Southern flair.  My recommendation is to try the Cracklin Mac n’ Cheese Au Gratin.  This hearty dish is sharp cheddar mac and cheese with tomatoes and sriracha cracklins.  Delicious!  If you are craving something lighter, the Georgia Pate is a great choice as well.  There are a variety of salads to choose from.  I suggest the Fig and Prosciutto salad that has a nice combination of sweet and savory.  All of the salads have the option of adding chicken, shrimp, or tofu.  The entree choices include a variety of dishes that are both hip and Southern.  Just as a heads up, if you’re from the North and you order the Chicken and Waffles, it is dry, not wet like Northerners are accustomed.  I give my strongest recommendation to trying either the North Carolina Catfish or the Shrimp and Grits.  The catfish is served with ham risotto, hoecakes, and remoulade.  The shrimp and grits come with ham, creole grins, green onion, greens, red peppers, and a sunny side egg.  Both hearty dishes are great!

The Service

Vidalia’s greeters, wait staff, and bartenders are spot on.  In the two instances I visited, I was there once with a large group and again with a small one.  At each visit, the staff was great.  And the waitress was accommodating with a large check being paid for on several cards.  It was more than 20 people and she didn’t flinch.  Bravo!

The Ambiance

Vidalia sits on the bustling King Street in Boone’s east side.  The tasteful decor is bright and welcoming.  Although a little loud acoustically, the venue is quite pleasant.  I recommend having a drink at the bar before getting seated to soak in the great experience of dining at Vidalia!  Bon appetite!


I give Vidalia the overall rating and recommendation of:

“Go For It!”


831-835 West King Street
Boone, NC 

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