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Ten Penny is located in downtown Pittsburgh on Penn Avenue right by the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.  The restaurant offers a variety of menu options.

The Food

There is a great spectrum of menu items.  My recommendation is if you go to Ten Penny, do it during the winter months or on colder evenings as the food is very hearty.  Bring your appetite.  For appetizers, try the skillet cornbread, crispy brussel sprouts, or deviled egg trio.  If you’re with a group, go with all three!  All three soup choices are worth having.  The gumbo has the right amount of spice and the potato soup is very filling.  For something a little lighter, have the tomato bisque.  As for entrees, the recommendations are plentiful.  The bourbon glazed salmon with the pecan scallion rice and roasted asparagus is the right trio of flavors that compliment each other.  For something a little more substantial, the shrimp and grits with smoked bacon, scallions, cheddar grits,  and au jus along with the crab rissoto are both quite fulfilling and gratifying.  There are still over a dozen or more good entrees to choose from.  As a side, try either the smoked gouda grits or creamed spinach.  If you’re sharing, get both.

The Service

I have visited Ten Penny three times.  At my most recent visit, the waiter provided impressive and effectual service.  He was spot on.  Unfortunately, at this same visit, we had a last minute reduction of two people out of our party of ten.  The greeter was irate and less than professional after this was shared with her.  Life happens and so do changes.  Her curt reaction was a little dramatic and uncalled for.  My experience at the bar was a disappointment as well.  At all three visits to Ten Penny, the bar service has been poor.  Not only do patrons wait long amounts of time for their drinks, they actually wait to be acknowledged that they are even sitting at the bar.  Not even a courteous, “I’ll be with you in a minute.”  Just avoidance of eye contact.  I understand if the venue is really crowded and busy.  But in all three visits, that was not the case.  It was just awful service.

The Ambiance

The location of Ten Penny is right in the cultural district.  It sits catty corner from the convention center and has windows on two sides.  The acoustics provide an atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing where the ambient sound and music do not hinder the ability to hear the people at your table.  For a little more private setting, if you have a large party, make a reservation for the back room.  It is a great space.  Make sure they turn on the fireplace, otherwise it can get a little chilly.


The food at Ten Penny has been consistently good.  The menu offers a nice spectrum of options but it doesn’t overwhelm guests with too many items from which to choose.  Unfortunately, some of the service was so glaringly bad, that if it wasn’t for the good quality of the food, Ten Penny would have received my lowest rating.  That being said, I give Ten Penny the following rating and recommendation:

“It’s Worth a Shot, But Could Be a Miss!”

Visit Ten Penny:

960 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

(412) 318-8000
Visit Ten Penny

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