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Talia Cucina & Roticceria

Talia is located in downtown Pittsburgh on Sixth Avenue in the renovated old Alcoa Building.  Recently opened, it specializes in modern upscale Italian cuisine.

The Food

Being fairly new, this restaurant is one that I have only visited once.  There is a terrific, trendy drink menu to order before dinner cocktails which consisted of drinks not often appearing in Pittsburgh restaurants.  I enjoyed the black martini.  Please keep in mind though that this is unique, contemporary Italian food with much influence from northern and southern Italy.  Less pastas and more meats.  There is a great selection of appetizer and entree items.  For appetizers, the Margharita flatbread was a nice compliment to the Roman salad with its arugula, padano, leeks, and mint with a white balsamic.  For a main course, I had the ricotta gnocchi with tomato, Calabrian chili, beef brisket and could not have been more pleased with my decision.  For a side, I got the braised baby carrots.  Both were delicious and the meal filled me up.  No room for desert.  I’ll have to go back.  It is definitely worth another visit.

The Service

Talia provided terrific service.  The greeters were very polite and accommodating, as some of our party was late having been caught up in Penguins traffic.  Our waiter was outstanding.  He was able to eagerly explain in great detail drink and food items and answered all of our questions with great enthusiasm.  The table service was brisk and well organized.  Water glasses were filled, drinks were replenished and dishes removed and replaced, all with great efficiency.

The Ambiance

Talia is a bright and open venue.  The windows surrounding provides amble natural lighting.  As it turns to dusk, the lighting provides a warm glow that is very welcoming.  The decor is beautiful.  I particularly enjoyed the homage to Jack Legh’s photograph of the Bad Girl statue originally located in Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia and later used for the cover of the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. As visually appealing as the Talia is, aurally, there are some issues.  The acoustics are too alive.  The music and ambient sound is simply too loud and makes it very difficult to hear guests at the same table even though the seating is quite intimate.


Talia is a hip new arrival to the Pittsburgh downtown restaurant scene  and quite worthy of a visit.  My overall recommendation and rating is:

“Go For It!”


425 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Visit Talia

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