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Social House 7

We return to Pittsburgh.  Social House Seven is located in the cultural district of downtown Pittsburgh and is a Japanese style restaurant.

The Food

In addition to Japanese fare, Social House also features Thai and Korean food items.  There are a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, noodles, rices, meats, sushi, and robata which are items grilled over Japanese charcoal.  There are two ways to go.  The first choice is to load up on the smorgasbord of appetizer and sushi options.  The second choice is to get an appetizer, soup or salad, and one of their entrees.  For appetizers, try the chee chee fried brussel sprouts with almonds, chilli sauce, kobe kimchee wonton with spicy peanut sauce, the wok charred rice cakes with Korean BBQ sauce, or the truffled risotto with mushrooms and snow peas.  The house miso soup is delicious.  My favorite two entree items are the scallop pad thai and the Chicken with Hidden Dragon Sauce, which is Szechuan peppercorn, chili paste, and ssamjung.  There is also a terrific sushi menu that offers a wide spectrum of choices, but does not overwhelm with too many items to select from.  The tuna tartare is a favorite from this menu.  Also, from the specialty roll options, go with the Godzilla roll, which is salmon, cream cheese, scallion, topped with seared spicy tuna.  It is a little on the expensive side, but well worth it.

The Service

I have been to Social House on three occasions in various states of how busy the restaurant was in.  In all three visits, the staff was very well organized, professional, and friendly.  At one visit, the restaurant was quite busy, and I had tickets for a show.  I was concerned that I might be late, but the staff served our food and got our bills to us efficiently and timely.  Even as frazzled as the wait staff may have been, they were very warm and engaging.  Bravo!

The Ambiance

Social House provides a venue with spectacular ambiance.  From the moment guests walk in, one is emersed in a warm and welcoming environment.  The vestuble has a glass floor with a coy pond underneath which can go unnoticed during a day time visit.  The main dining room is spacious with half moon shaped booths around the space’s perimeter that provides more intimacy.  The walls have murals on them which are very detailed and quite stunning.  Acoustically, the room and music create a comfortable atmosphere.  The lighting uses a nice balance of natural and artificial to create warmth.  My recommendation is to visit during the winter.  It is another Pittsburgh establishment where it is nice to hunker down on a cold wintry evening.


Reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing, it is without any hesitation that after great dining experiences at Social House that I give it my highest ranking and overall rating of:

“Absolutely Must Visit!”


123 7th Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15222
Visit Social House 7

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