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[New York City]-Putnam’s Pub and Cooker

The first out of town review takes us to the Big Apple!  Putnam’s Pub and Cooker in Brooklyn on Myrtle Avenue is a gastropub with a laid back atmosphere.

The Food

Putnam’s has a great mixed drink and beer selection.  One drink that is an absolute must is their smoked bourbon.  Their food menu has a wide variety of choices, but keeps it limited to where choices and decisions are not overwhelming.  The appetizer menu features standard fare such as oysters, wings, shrimp, they add flair.  For example, their mussels are served with bacon, IPA, and a wholegrain mustard.  Absolutely try the Devils on Horseback deviled egg appetizer!  Being in trendy Brooklyn, Putnam’s offers a variety of salads and their own grain and rice bowls.  All of which can have chicken, shrimp, or salmon added.  They have standard sandwiches and a variety of side items that also have flair such as their brussel sprouts with bacon, pecorino, and poached egg.  For a main entree, try the pan seared Scottish salmon.

The Service

Putnam’s recently reopened after being damaged by a fire.  Even with the break while being closed for repairs, Putnam’s picked back up right where it had left off.  The server was patient and courteous as she paid special heed to the complexity of the smoked bourbon.  We were seated quickly and the food was delivered efficiently and timely.

The Ambiance

One of Putnam’s greatest features is its ambiance.  The music selection is classic rock which fits the venue perfectly.  The dark, beautiful, and intricate wood work contrasts all of the light from windows on two corner sides of the restaurant.


This is a great venue with terrific food.  The drink menu is what makes Putnam’s stand out.  Overall, I would give Putnam’s Pub and Cooker a:

“Go For It!”


419 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(347) 799-2382
Visit Putnam’s Pub


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