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Becco, an Italian Restaurant, is in New York City’s Restaurant Row on 46th Street in the heart of the theater district.  Becco offers a wide variety of foods and wines to accompany.

The Food

Becco’s menu includes a broad spectrum of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and wines to choose from.  Menu decisions are difficult.  To begin with, make sure you bring a large appetite because you won’t want to skip any of the meal courses.  The appetizers include soups, salads, seafood, meat and cheese platters, to meat dishes.  The entree menu includes spaghetti, lasagnas, seafood, and meat based dishes.  Becco also offers ala cartes sides.  I recommend the Pollo al Limone, which is a sauteed chicken breast with lemon, olives, caper berries, and spinach, as it is the only entree I had at Becco at one lunch visit.   The reason the pollo is the only entree I’ve tried is because of my favorite Becco offering which is their Sinfonia Di Pasta.  The daily pasta trio features three different pasta dishes which are selected and made daily.  So, my food recommendation is this.  Splurge on a good bottle of wine.  With the food, start with the Caesar Salad.  Don’t overdo it with the bread serving, but make sure you at least try all of the breads and spreads that accompany.  For your entree, without hesitation, have the Sinfonia Di Pasta.  And for the dessert finale, go with eaither the Torte, which is a chocolate mousse cake with cherries, or the Zabaglione, which is an Italian custard with fruit.

The Service

The service at Becco is incredible.  From start to finish, the greeters, wait staff, servers, bartenders have all been friendly, organized, and efficient.  The water glasses were constantly filled, plates were cleared timely.  I hate to use a cliche, but the service was like clockwork.  I could not have been anymore pleased.  Bravo!

The Ambiance

Even though it is on the ground level, the lighting and paint gives it a bright vibrancy.  The bar area is more intimate than the other sections of the restaurant.  The skyline in the back dining room provides a nice luster which is very pleasant at lunch time.  The brisk pace of the staff goes nicely in tandem with the hustled section of the city that is Becco’s location.  When one thinks of what a New York City restaurant experience “should be,” Becco easily fits that epitome.  Again, bravo!


I am pleased to offer without any reservation whatsoever to give Becco my highest rating and recommendation.

“Absolutely Must Visit!”


355 West 46th St
New York, NY 10036
212 397 7597
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