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[Hershey, PA] What If of Hershey

Located in the “Sweetest Place on Earth,” in Hershey, Pennsylvania, What If of Hershey offers a full service menu.

The Food

To start with, What If, has an extensive specialty drink menu.  Go with the Tin Cup Maple Fashion, which is What If’s twist on the traditional Old Fashioned.  The food menu offers small plates as appetizers, which can pair well with a specialty salad or a small pasta dish.  From the small plate options, I recommend the blackened Ahi tuna with ginger, horseradish, and a sweet soy sauce, the pan seared scallops, or if feeling particularly hungry, the lobster mac n cheese with brandy cream sauce and sweet corn.  All are delicious!  There are a variety of salads to choose from with the options of blackened shrimp, tuna, salmon, chicken, steak, and the not often seen offering of scallops, jumbo lump crab, or lamb chops.  There is an extensive menu of entree items including chicken, steaks, veal, pork, seafood, and pasta.  If you’re really hungry, have the lobster ravioli.  A lot of calories for sure, but it is absolutely delicious.  If looking for lighter fare, the Chicken Arrabbiata and Chicken Milanese are great options.  Even though you may be full, you are still in the sweetest place on Earth.  So dessert is a must.  The turtle brownie with caramel and pecans served with hot fudge and ice cream is the perfect ending for dinner in Chocolatetown USA.

The Service

I have visited What If of Hershey twice.  Once for lunch and once for dinner with a larger party of six of us.  At both visits, the staff was friendly and efficient, which are the two most important traits for this reviewer about restaurant service.  Glasses and dishes were cleared quickly, and the bill was divided among six individuals without griping.  Thumbs up on the service.

The Ambiance

Oddly enough, What If of Hershey is located downstairs below a Howard Johnson’s Motel (I didn’t even know they existed anymore).  But don’t let the peculiar upstairs jade your opinion to the downstairs.  Although there is not much natural light, the decor is appropriate and has a speak easy feel to it.  The space is decorated tastefully and the acoustics are pleasing.


What If of Hershey is definately worth the visit.  My overall rating and recommendation is:

“Go For It!”

Visit What If of Hershey

845 East Chocolate Avenue
Hershey, PA  17033
Vist What If of Hershey

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