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BRGR is family of three restaurants that specializes in burgers.  With three locations in and around the Pittsburgh region, I am going to focus on the East Liberty location in the city’s east end.

The Food

First and foremost, I am going to jump right in with a review of BRGR’s famous burgers.  The first of four burgers that I recommend the most are the spicy Fire in the Hole which features guacamole, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese for a spicy, tasty kalaidescope of flavor.  For something less spicy, but still rich in flavor, go for the Cease and Desist burger with cheese, caramelized onions, and thousand island dress.  Very delicious.  Also, the classic The BRGR, is great as well.  The Steakhouse BRGR is good too, but caution your server have it prepared lightly on the dry blue cheese, otherwise the strong flavor can overwhelm the other toppings of aioli, arugula and onion straws on the burger.  BRGR also gives you the opportunity to choose your own bun, cheese, sauces, and other toppings.  This option seems like it would be liberating, but I prefer the restaurant to make the recommendation of toppings because they have better experience in flavors that compliment each other better than I do.  If you’re not a big burger connoisseur, and find yourself being brought along, there are other menu options including Smith’s Local Hot Dogs, as well as dinner salads.  Their Greek salad with grilled chicken is fantastic.  Except for their King Salmon patty, I would avoid some of their other options such as the turkey patty and shrimp patty.  Not every type of animal is meant to be ground up and put on a bun. Their ala carte menu has a wide variety of side items.  Guests can pick anyone of their dinner salads for a half size portion.  The BRGR original fries and Cajun tater tots are great and their chili is one of the best in the city.  Looking for a before dinner drink, BRGR provides a variety of mixed drinks, along with beers on tap and bottled.  The Sidecar and Old Fashioned are two of my favorite drinks there.  For dessert, try one of their spiked milkshakes (if you have room).  My favorite is the Salty Caramel with bourbon, caramel sauce, sea salt, and vanilla bean.

The Service

The service at BRGR is consistently very good.  I have been there during slower times of the day as well as times where the restaurant was full and busy.  No matter when, the staff has been friendly and efficient and as a patron, I was treated courteously and seated quickly.  If you have to wait for a table, go ahead and grab one if their signature cocktails at the bar.  The friendly bartenders will take good care of you.

The Ambiance

The East Liberty location has a warm pleasant feel to it.  The second floor has a covered outdoor area which is great when the weather is warm outside, although the drink and food service can tend to be a little slower being upstairs.  The wait is worth it.  On the first floor, the large garage style windows can also be opened up when it is warm outside.  Both affords a great view of Centre Avenue at Highland Avenue and all the vibrancy the views have to offer.  In the winter, the dark interior of BRGR makes a great location to hunker down during a cold winter night with a nice bourbon based drink and their outstanding chili.  BRGR also has on the walls big screen TVs where if one wants to have a great burger and catch their favorite sports team too, this is the place to do it.


With all of my visits to BRGR, it has consistently provided a good combination of great food, service, and setting.  I give BRGR an overall rating of:

“Go For It!”


5997 Centre Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
BRGR Website

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