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Monterey Pub

Monterey Pub

The Monterey Pub located on Monterey Street in the Northside in the Mexican War Streets is a relaxing venue for great Irish fare and terrific drinks in a classic casual setting.

The Food

The Monterey Pub menu has a great number of items.   There is a mix of traditional Irish fare, like their Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash, as well as food items that go beyond with imaginative creations like their Smoked Salmon Nachos and Crab Rangoon Wrap.  What unites them all is that they are all delicious.  Hands down, their Pub Style Shepherd’s Pie is the best I have ever had!  (Don’t tell my mom.)  The right mixture of ingredients baked to perfection is a must have should you visit.

The Service

The staff and service were very friendly and efficient.  At one of my visits, I came after a happy hour, and was starving.  The bar area was crowded and I was expecting a long wait.  The staff had me and my friends seated in no time.  And, as was my experience with previous visits, the service was efficient and outstanding.

The Ambiance

Set on a residential street where one would be surprised to see a restaurant, its tucked away location is part of its charm.  The dark mahogany wood and warm setting is a great venue for terrific food.  The layout is such that it can be intimate in the dining room and more communal in the bar area.  It is the perfect venue to hunker down on a cold winter’s night.


The Monterey Pub is one of my favorites.  The Mexican War Streets section of the city with its Victorian architectural flavor is very charming, which makes this hideaway location a real find.  It has great prices and is a terrific venue.  It is my pleasure to give the Monterey Pub my first rating of:

“Absolutely Must Visit!”


1227 Monterey Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Visit The Monterey Pub’s Website

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